Sunday, March 28, 2010

HTMC: Manana 3/28/10

Mar 28 Sun 8AM MANANA

(12 Mi/Advanced/Ridge/Pacific Palisades)

All hikers will enjoy this magnificent ridge walk. Beginners can stroll through the level, lower section. Intermediates can turn around at the scenic helipad. Hardcore hikers can head for the summit and a chance at a windward view. 

Coordinator Justin Ohara, ph 778-8629.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

HTMC: Wailupe Loop 3/21/10

Mar 21 Sun 8AM WAILUPE LOOP 100-Mi

(6 Mi/Intermediate/Ridge/Aina Haina)

It's a steep, lung busting climb to the crest of the Ko’olau from the valley; cross over the narrow, windswept, summit ridge with death drops; and at the Wiliwilinui ridge summit make your way down the slippery, clay-like dirt trail with a rope to assist you. Watch for pink ribbons along the 4WD road that will loop you back to the valley. 

Coordinator Jay Feldman, ph 234-9069.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

HTMC: Wiliwilinui 3/20/10


(4 Mi/Intermediate/Ridge/Wai’alae)

The good news is that it's mostly a 4WD road walk and quite lovely with the first two steep, eroded sections of the trail terraced with man-made steps.  The bad news is that on the final ascent to the Ko’olau crest the upper two exposed sections have turned into a trench with no terraced steps with only a rope to assist you.  Would you believe this trail was first hiked by the club on March 20, 1920

Coordinator Wil Kawano, ph 373-1492.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

HTMC: Godek-Jaskulski Ridge 3/14/10


(11 Mi/Advanced/Ridge/Moanalua)

This scenic scramble was developed by two HTMC hiking legends, Chuck Godek and Erwin "Skipoles" Jaskulski. The up and down route follows the north ridge of MoanaluaValley to the Ko’olau summit. 

Coordinator Ralph Valentino, ph 864-8130.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

HTMC: Kealia 3/7/10

Mar 7 Sun 7:30AM KEALIA

(9 Mi/Intermediate/Graded Hillside/Mokule’ia)

After zigzagging up the Kealia pali, the hike turns into a long, but scenic loop on a confusing network of dirt roads and trails. HTMC first hiked this CCC trail on February 17, 1935 shortly after its completion. 

Coordinator Laura Owens, ph 388-5373.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

HTMC: Kawaewae 3/6/10

Mar 6 Sat 8AM KAWA’EWA’E

(4 Mi/Intermediate/Ridge/Kane’ohe)

Check out the interesting new contour route that Dayle & Jacque added to this hike, based on Dick Davis’ old trail. The hike includes strolls through Friendship Gardens, as well as ridge and narrow trail scrambling. 

Coordinators Dayle & Jacque Turner, ph 384-4821 or

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